Money Attracting Spell


ATTRACTING SPELL with New Business Charm

Money Attracting Spell Increase your abundance, manifest money, raise your vibrational frequency and more with this easy work spell.

1 green or gold sachet bag
green or gold thread
1 sewing needle
1 candle (White or green)
bay leaves (To draw in money and grant wishes)
1 citrine crystal (To draw in money and business success)
cherry blossoms or petals (For prosperity, abundance, and creativity)
basil (For wealth)
orange peel (For wealth creation)
3 coins (To symbolize and represent wealth)
1 small piece of paper
1 pen (Green or gold ink is best, black will suffice)

How Attracting Spell is done

Calm your mind with a few moments of meditation.
Light your candle.
Combine herbs, orange peels, crystal, and coins into your sachet bag.
Write your desire on the paper with your pen.
Try to be specific, like “I wish for creative and financial success from my new business”.
If you have a business logo, draw it on the paper. Add any symbols of wealth, creativity, and success, then fold the paper and add it to the sachet bag.

Close the bag.
Take your sewing needle and hold it over the flame for a few seconds, repeating your wish out loud or in your mind.
Add the thread to the needle, then sew your charm bag shut.
For added magic, embroider symbols of wealth, success, and creativity onto the bag.
Snuff the candle. Do not blow it o
Keep the bag on your person or leave it in your work space, like in a drawer on your desk or at the window by your desk.
During important times for your business, burn the candle for a few moments and then snuff it out again.
When that candle has burned out, you can always charge a new one with your wish.