Attraction Love Spell

Attraction Love Spell

Attraction Love Spell. As the name suggests, attraction spells are done by those who want to be close to someone physically, mentally, or emotionally. In this form of a spell, you can use your inner psychic power to attract someone near you either for romance or affection.
What you will need:
Two photos representing both you and the person
A red ribbon
A candle
A metallic bowl
Red clothes

How to cast Attraction Love Spell

Your timing is the most critical point. The best time to cast the spell is on Friday, the day of Venus.
In a quiet and dimly lit room, sit on the floor in a prayer position with your legs crossed.
Focus your eyes on the flame burning candle and then start visualizing your positive desires.
Hold the two pictures on both hands.
Say the following chant:
“To the deities of love, I live with Mr. XY in love and harmony. Bring Mr. XY in my life.”
Bind the photos together, facing each other and tie the red ribbon.
Burn the photos in a fireproof bowl.
Take the ash and burry in a forest, beneath a strong tree with the ability to grow.

Honey Jar Spells (Endulcimientos)

In the realm of magic, Endulcimientos refers to sweetening something by the use of sugar or honey. This type of love spell is popularly known as sweetening spell, and it is preferred by those who need to increase attraction, intimacy, or wants to improve their romantic relationship.
You will need the following items:
A photograph of the special moment or a gift that you received from your partner
A container with a proper lid
A sweetener, it could be a honey or sugar solution

Casting instructions:
Time at full moon to perform the spell because it is associated with the deities of love (Venus), visible in the sky just before dawn as the Morningstar.
Purify the area by creating a sacred circle with the Four Directions, then invite the guardians to join you.
Take your picture or the special gift and fit it in the container.
Fill the container with honey until the whole picture is immersed.
Light a pink or white candle atop the Honey Jar.
Meditate upon the candle flame, trying to sweeten your target’s attitude toward you.
Let the candle burn out, allowing the melting wax to seal the container.
Let the jar sit on your altar for at least seven days and let the spell manifest your will.