Find What is Lost

Find What is Lost

Find What is Lost. A little chant may not seem like a real spell, but it can still bring magickal results if you put your heart into it. Use this spell when you are looking for something you’ve misplaced in your home. You just need a white candle.

Light the candle, and put it in a holder that is easy to carry. Begin to walk from room to room with it, repeating the following:

I need what I seek
Give me a peek
Draw my eyes
For my prize.
Let your eyes wander around until you feel drawn to the spot where your missing item is hiding.
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Grow Some Wealth

This spell is already on the simple money spells page, but I figured you might want to find it here with the easy spells too. You only need the following:

•thriving houseplant
•A coin
•sprinkling of dried patchouli

The Find What is Lost

Any plant will do, but if you have (or can get) a basil plant, it works better. Just sprinkle a little bit of the patchouli on the soil, then stick the edge of the coin into the soil in the same place so part of the coin is still sticking up out of the dirt.

If some new money materializes in your life, spend that coin right away and put a new one in its place.

A Sprinkling of Protection

Keep your house safe and sound with a little protection magic. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should leave your door unlocked either. Common sense works well with magick. You just need:

• A handful of salt
• A teaspoon or so of garlic powder

And no, you can’t use pre-made garlic salt. Mix the salt and garlic together, and sprinkle a little bit of it at each door threshold and windowsill. It will help keep out negative energy. And vampires. You can’t get much easier than that. These spells are all quick and don’t require many supplies either. Having a few simple spells on hand is a smart idea for those situations when time is short. And for the freedom