Harry pottery spells


Harry pottery spells Aguamenti. This one actually makes water. Seriously, think about how many problems that could solve

Evanesco. Making things vanish is magic at its most traditional, but don’t just think rabbit-in-the-hat type stuff. Think bigger. You could use this one to make all the rubbish in your house disappear, for instance, or maybe a bunch of wizards could team together and clean out landfill sites. It would be a great spell for the environment.

Incendio. This one makes fire, which has been a pretty sought-after skill since humans (and, presumably, wizards) first walked the earth.

Anapneo. Spell to prevent choking! In the books, this one’s used by Slughorn to prevent Marcus Belby from gagging on a mouthful of pheasant. But just think how many lives it would save.


Accio. Summoning stuff so it flies right into your waiting hand? Yes. Please.

Wingardium Leviosa. Making stuff fly is undeniably cool, and you could also use this one to move random objects without having to put your back out (or really put in any physical effort at all, which sounds wonderful). It also works nicely as the reverse for our next spell..

Expelliarmus. Harry is almost embarrassingly reliant on the disarming spell when he fights basically anyone in the books, but we can’t really blame him for that — it does get the job done against Voldemort in the end, after all. On a day-to-day basis, Expelliarmus would also be a crucial tool for self-defense’s in the wizarding world

Protégé. Every good wizard needs a shield charm to protect themselves.

Finite Incantatem. spell to counter or reverse other spells would be absolutely crucial in any wizarding household. It’s sort of like the Command-Z for wizards. It won’t cancel out every spell, but it’s perfect for careless children, havoc-wreaking magical creatures, and jinx-happy teenagers.

Reparo. A spell to repair things! How useful is that?! No more broken crockery, cracked glasses or neglected DIY tasks for you.