Spells for Money


Luck and prosperity. Using spells for prosperity can be tricky, but as long as you have genuine need (not greed), there really is no ethical reason not to use witchcraft. That doesn’t mean you have to be on the verge of bankruptcy. A little extra prosperity can always come in handy.

Just take care that you are not asking for something you either don’t deserve or don’t really need. Free spells for money should never be used like a lottery ticket.

Spells Luck and prosperity with candles
Pay a Bill Spell

Now this spell is intended for use when you have a specific bill or debt to be paid, rather than just general prosperity. You need the following:

•Green Candle
•Patchouli or cinnamon oil
•Incense to match the oil
•A piece of paper

Use a pen or a pencil to draw a representation of the bill on the paper. Words and logos, along with the dollar figures. You will be burning the paper, so don’t use the real bill. A photocopy may be more accurate, but will lack your personal energy so make your own drawing.

Anoint the candle with your chosen oil, and place the folded paper under the candleholder. Light the candle and the incense. Watch the flames and say:

More of Luck and prosperity

The candle burns
And lights the way
For money coming
This bill will pay
Concentrate on this specific bill and why it’s important to be paid off. Let the candle burn for about 15 minutes, then snuff it out. Every day, let the candle burn for another 15 minutes for a total of 7 days (make sure the candle is large enough). On the last day, remove the paper and light it in the flame to burn completely. Let the candle keep burning at this point until it goes out naturally.
To honor the spell, any unexpected money that comes in must be put towards this bill. If you don’t, you’ll find you’ll just end up losing the money.

Spells for money and abundance
Wealth Attraction Bath

Though you can use this bath mixture anytime, it’s most effective if you use it before an event that can bring you money. So before a business meeting, job interview or bank visit, for example. You just need:

•Handful of sea salt
•3 drops basil oil
•drops cinnamon oil
•3 drops pine oil
•sprinkling of patchouli herb
•A small vial or bottle with a tight lid

Run a warm bath and add the salt, oils and herbs to the water. Get in and have a nice soak for at least 15 minutes. While in the tub, think about the upcoming situation that may bring you money and what you want the outcome to be.

Before you drain the water, fill the vial with bathwater. Stopper it up and carry it with you to the meeting.

Wealth is Welcome

Make your home more open to incoming prosperity with a welcome mat spell. Your spell supplies are:

The Luck and prosperity

•A door mat
•Sandalwood chips
•Dried basil leaves
•Patchouli herb
•A silver coin

Lift up the doormat, and sprinkle the sandalwood, basil and patchouli under it. Place the coin in the middle and replace the mat over top. Stand on the mat, face north and repeat:

I welcome wealth into my home
Please stop here, do not roam
My welcome mat is here you see
Bring in new p
Leave the mat and wait for new financial opportunities to come knocking.