New Moon Ritual Bath

New Moon Ritual Bath

New Moon Ritual Bath. There’s something incredibly soothing about having a moon-themed ritual bath. I’ve found that a bath on the night of the new moon acts. As a first course for the rest of my moon practices. You can begin by dimming the lights, burning your favorite candles, and running a bath.

Think about the intentions you’d like to set for this ritual. If you’re focused on your finances and bringing in more money. Tailor the ingredients you drop into the water for this. So you can add in a money-boosting crystal-like citrine. Followed by an abundance-boosting essential oil blend of bergamot, cinnamon, and patchouli. I dilute these in Neal’s Yard Remedies Create Your Own Bath Oil Base, as undiluted essential oils can irritate the skin.

To help alleviate anxiety and for deep relaxation, you can use neroli, marjoram, and clary sage essential oils with black tourmaline, lepidolite, and blue lace agate crystals. My go-to self-love/romantic love recipe includes heart chakra–balancing essential oils of rose otto, ylang-ylang, and patchouli with a big chunk of rose quartz. If you’re about to delve into some magical work and want to boost your intuition or psychic prowess, combine frankincense, sandalwood, and myrrh oils with amethyst and labradorite crystals. I usually do this one before meditating, casting spells, or working with tarot cards.

The New Moon Ritual Bath

You can add some dried flowers for the last touches, such as lavender and hibiscus, followed by a glug of whole-fat milk for added skin-smoothing benefits. Finish up by clearing any negative energies by smudging yourself and the bathroom with the smoke of palo santo or sage before stepping into the bath. Then all you have to do is unplug and relax.

Benteau has these tips for beginners wanting to learn more about moon rituals:

Research the meaning of various herbs and use those to begin to set your intentions for your ritual.
Take a moon bath every full and new moon. Bathing with intention is a great way to do a simple moon ritual.
Visit your local metaphysical store for advice, tips, and goodies for your rituals.
Always check for allergies before using any plants or oils.

New Moon Ritual Bath For love

Benteau also recommends this simple moon ritual bath: “Banish the old and make new intentions. Using a candle, set the intention on the candle that its fire is pure, you mean no harm, and you wish to banish that which does not healthily serve you. Be open to life lessons; this helps you deal intimately with the things or people you feel are holding you back. Be grateful for the candle, the flame, the wax.

Use a paper and pen to write out the things that no longer serve your best self. I choose to do it “with love,” as taught by my Reiki master. Acknowledge the old feelings, negative things, and people and choose to forgive or “banish” them (setting boundaries). Add gratitude to your spell, if you wish. Add essential oils, herbs, flowers—get creative! You can now (safely) burn the paper while repeating a mantra such as “I take back my power” or take the paper into the tub and allow the words to be washed away, rip it up and reaffirm your intentions