Red rose forgiveness ritual

Red rose forgiveness ritual

Red rose forgiveness ritual. Using roses makes everything more magical. You will love this forgiveness ritual!

Things you need:

  • A red rose
  • notebook
  • red pen
  • A black marker
  • A handful of feathers (removing them from a feather duster works well)
  • How it’s done

To perform the love spell you must first defoliate the rose and every time you remove a petal from the flower ask for forgiveness out loud through the white magic of love so that you can obtain their forgiveness.

Then write on the paper with the red pen what you would like to be forgiven for. Then cross it out with the black marker, put the written sheet with the feathers from the feather duster and burn them in an open area (always use precaution when handling fire).

Casting of Red rose forgiveness ritual

Ask again for forgiveness and speak out the name of the person who needs to forgive you. Repeat this white magic spell four times a week until it is fulfilled and you can be forgiven.

Follow this ritual step by step and you will see how your relationship with that person you hurt is gradually improving, let the love of white magic help you achieve forgiveness. The most important thing is not to give up, the effort always has its reward.

Forgiveness spell with an onion

Forgiveness spell with an onion
This is perhaps one of the most popular spells because the onion weeps and cries which is symbolic of what you would do when asking someone for their forgiveness.

Things you need:

One small white onion
A photograph of the person who needs to forgive you
A red ribbon
A jar with a lid

How Red rose forgiveness ritual its done

You will start by splitting the onion in half and placing both halves into the jar, and after this you will fold the photo in half with the image facing inward, forming a sandwich of sorts where the onion halves act as the ‘bread’ and the folded photo acts as the ‘meat’.

Next, you should tie the red ribbon around the lid of the jar, and tie a double knot. Then you will make your request, closing your eyes and visualizing what you want to happen.

Set the jar on a windowsill where it can be charged with moonlight (even if the moon isn’t visible) and leave it overnight. When it has been 24 hours, you need to bury the jar in the garden/yard.

It doesn’t need to be buried deep. If you don’t have a garden or yard, you can take the jar to a local park, beach, or forest to bury it.

Within days you will start to notice signs of forgiveness being offered to you.