revenge spells


Revenge spells in Baringo Bissil Bomet and these spells can be explained as spells which are magical and they causes harm to someone who deserves it and it is a kind of black magic that uses the powers of spell casting to someone and there are many curses that can make someone sick or even cause death or they can cause physical pain to someone or even can make someone to loose his or her relationship to fall apart.
revenge spells are the most well known and these can work b
y representing the person your casting a spell on and as Dr.sebi i can use a doll to cast a spell on someone and this method opens up a lot of chances and possibilities on how to hurt someone for revenge.


These different kinds of revenge spells can make you think of what someone did to you and then think of what kind of revenge they deserve and they are explained as below.

Love revenge spells

Did someone you love cheated on you with someone else?Me Dr.sebi a traditional healer i can solve your issues where by i can spell a cast on your ex-lover or the person he or she is doing the act of cheating on you with. Actually revenge love spells are so common in people where by it results into heartbreaks and do not break any law so do not be disappointed cause no body is supposed to treat anyone like rubbish and then for them continue enjoying life.With the use of my powerful love revenge spell and magic can set justices back in balance

Black magic revenge spells

Black magic revenge spell is any magic with the intention of harming anybody. Probably for your own personal gain. Certainly such as binding them away from you if they deserve it. If someone did wrong to you like taking your property with any agreement and you have tried and failed to gain your property again. Therefore do not worry with the powers of my ancestors and magic i do solve this problem. Even more you regain your property which was taken with out any agreement. And some people are asking whether revenge spells do work?Yes these revenge spells do work. As a result they can cause great harm to people. An have explained a few types of revenge spells but there many.

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